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Drumworkout 3.0

12194859_822075721242296_1086526219361359950_oWe are incredibly excited to be able to bring you a brand new and completely refreshed version of Drumworkout.com! Cam has spent some serious hours behind the scenes re-designing the whole site from the ground up to make it faster, more user friendly, and more compatible with mobile and tablet devices.

You will now find that no matter what size screen you are viewing the site on, it will look great and maintain a strong focus on the content, allowing you to make the most from your practice sessions. New content is easier to find with updates on both the homepage and your user dashboard, and we’ll help you find some school stuff you haven’t seen before amongst the hundreds of hours of videos on the site with our Random Workout feature on your dashboard. The favourite workouts section has been streamlined and the whole site should now be easier to navigate while being easier on the eyes.

As always, we would really love to hear you feedback about these updates/changes as well as any ideas you have to help improve the site or content you would like to see. We are here to serve you, so please don’t hesitate to Contact Us with any thoughts.

Happy drumming!

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