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Weekly, One-On-One video feedback from Bill to overhaul your technique.

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It's all about dedicated feedback. is built around Bill’s 26 Step Extreme Hands Makeover plan. We’re constantly amazed by how many mistakes our users are not making whenever they check in for a lesson with Bill. That said, there is no substitute for direct one-on-one feedback to help diagnose technical roadblocks, develop a clear practice plan, and improve self-awareness in the practice room.

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There is no substitute for seeing something in action to get a feel for how it all works. Below is an example of the initial feedback videos between a user and Bill designed to help get Cam on the right path with his practice on

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Our premium subscriptions are all about you to help make sure you get what you need from your time on the website. Bill will be there to guide you and assist you with whatever you need – except maybe those jobs around the house you’ve been putting off!

We’ll give you a bit guidance for your first video to make sure you get the best possible start with the site, but from there it’s all about your development under Bill’s expert guidance. Too cool right?!

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