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Exciting Times Ahead

bill-bachman-thumbHi everyone,

Just wanted to say a quick thank you for checking out drumworkout.com!

There is some incredibly exciting stuff happening behind the scenes at the moment and working on this project has inspired me to continue developing some great new ideas that I have come up over the past few years but have never had time to get off the ground.

This is not a site that I plan on simply putting some content on and then leaving – it will be a page that I am updating constantly with new content, new ideas and new workouts. In the same vein, I hope that it will also be a site that you visit regularly and continue to use to develop and maintain your hands.

The videos I have put together are not exercises that you ever ‘master’, but are tools that you should never stop using – tools that I have never stopped using. Drumming is like working out – you can never stop working through your exercise routine or you will lose what you have gained in the past. Make sure you don’t lose your chops; work out every day!

I also want drumworkout.com to be a place where you feel like you can contribute. If you have an idea for how we can make the site better, want to see a specific type of lesson or workout put together, or even just want to say “hey!”, please feel free to get in touch. The whole team at drumworkout.com want to hear what you think and do whatever we can to help you become the best percussionist you can possibly be.

I hope that drumworkout.com becomes both an invaluable practice resource as well as an enjoyable place to visit for all the latest from the drumming community.

Thanks again to everyone who has helped support the website so far and I hope we can continue to grow and continue to develop this amazing resource together.

Bill Sig
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