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Here are a few common questions that have popped up over the years. We’re constantly adding to and updating this list to try and answer as many questions as possible and make it as comprehensive as possible. 

If your question isn’t answered here you can Contact Us for further support.

Where can I find out more about how Drumworkout.com works?

A great way to familiarise yourself with the website and find out more about how drumworkout.com works is by taking our Virtual Tour.

This is an in-depth look at the site which explains what each course is focused on, how the our course / learning management system works, how to utilise premium membership features and a whole lot more!

If you still have questions after checking this out, please feel free to get in touch


What is included with my Subscription?

Standard/Premium Subscriptions

All drumworkout.com users get full access to our complete library of online workouts and lessons. 

This currently includes:

  • Extreme Hands Makeover
  • 12 Gateway Rudiments
  • 44 Modern Rudiments
  • Chop Builders
  • Every Drumworkout.com Short Course
  • + Heaps of Bonus Content including The Drum Kit Corner, Rudimental Beats DVD, “Ask Bill” Series and more.

We are also constantly releasing new content and lessons which will be included with your subscription as they’re added. Have a great idea for something you’d like to see added? Get in touch to let us know and we’ll see what we can do! 

What extras are included with a PREMIUM Subscription?

Our brand new Premium Subscription options provide users with a monthly consultation with Bill to help them make the most of the site and their time in the practice room. 


This monthly chat with Bill can focus on your playing to help diagnose technical issues and tweak your playing, take the form of a goal setting/planning session to help you develop a clear, logical path to help you achieve your drumming goals, or cover anything else you can think of!


We’re also working on a whole bunch of other cool extras for our premium users which we’ll be announcing over the next little while. 

How does the money back guarantee work?

We want all of our subscribers to be 100% happy with drumworkout.com and are completely confident you will be.

If you sign up for a new account and are not happy for any reason, we offer a 24hr Money Back Guarantee for any reason. No need to explain yourself, and no hard feeling – we’ll still be grateful you gave us a shot! All you have to do to arrange a refund is Get in Touch to let us know and we’ll sort it out. 

Am I locked in when I subscribe? How do I cancel?

Nope! None of our plans lock you in for any period longer than you pay for when you first subscribe and you can cancel your plan any time. You retain full control of your payments through either PayPal or on your Drumworkout.com User Dashboard and have complete control over cancelling/resuming your payments any time. 


If you have signed up for a $19.99 per month subscription, you can cancel any time and will continue to receive access for the remainder of the month you have already paid for. 


If you have signed up for the $99.99 you can cancel any time and will continue to have full access for the remainder of the 6 month period you have already paid for. 

What payment options fo you have and how secure are they?

We offer payments and subscription management using either PayPal or Stripe for Credit Card payments . Both of these services feature industry leading encryption and all payment and credit card details are processed directly with the payment gateway – no private payment information is stored on Drumworkout.com.

My question isn't answered here - where can I get help?

Please feel free to reach out any time. We’re well aware we haven’t thought of everything, and your questions help us check in and get better at what we do. 

The best way to get answers to your questions as quickly as possible is to Contact Us – Cam is the tech/admin wizard behind drumworkout.com as well as a legendary drummer based in Australia. He’ll be able to help you with pretty much anything!

We also encourage you to connect with us on Facebook and with Bill on Instagram to keep up to date with all the latest and greatest in Drumworkout.com and to connect with the wider Drumworkout.com community. Looking forward to connecting with you soon!