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New Full HD Videos and Interface Updates

There’s been a bunch of work behind the scenes at Drumworkout HQ recently… yay!

Playback Speed Changer

Over the years, a number of users have requested that we develop a way to allow the payback speed of Bill’s videos to be adjusted. Sometimes you just want to take a really close look in slow motion at that pinky position, or try to really hone on on how a muscle group is working on the stick, but – being the hummingbird that he is – Bill can sometimes just be a little to quick and well oiled to pick up these tiny details.

Well, no more! We have dialled in our new playback speed changer to allow you to either slow down or speed up every single video on the website… Pretty cool right? The best bit is that this has a limited effect on audio playback as well so you’re not suddenly listening to a gargantuan size Bill with a voice the pitch of Thor and a stick impact that would destroy Fort Knox’s strongest walls. Wicked.

All you have to do to get access is click the little settings icon on the bottom right of each video and select your desired tempo. Too easy.

1080p Upgrades

When we first started drumworkout.com we did so on a shoestring budget in Bill and Cam’s home offices. We’re still in the home offices, but thanks to all of our wonderful subscribers we have been able to invest in some more powerful infrastructure over the years. As such, we now how the server space and capacity to be able to upgrade all of our videos from regular old 720p HD to glorious 1080p full HD goodness.

It’s a big job getting all these new clips re-encoded, uploaded and transferred across to the site – so far we have finished the first 9 steps of the Extreme Hands Makeover and will be slowly rolling out these updates across the rest of the videos on the site.

This upgrade alongside our new playback speed changer will mean you now how more ways to dial in your hands and check in closer on what Bill is up to.

Thank us later 🙂