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Quad Solos


Flight Time 7


An advanced quad solo inspired by the brilliance of Genesis and a not so brilliant intercontinental Flight to Australia. A challenge for both the hands and the brain – full video below.

Instant Digital Download – 7 Page PDF

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Flight Time 7 was originally written in 2013 during a very long Flight to Australia for a clinic tour. It
was Flight #7 and I kept watching the little airplane on the screen fly over the globe as it told you the
Flight time. And so it was that “Flight Time 7” was scribbled at the top of the page. Inspired by Flight 7 I
decided to write in 7/8 which has been my favorite time signature ever since I discovered Genesis in
middle school.

I wasn’t planning to write another full length quad solo, but a student named Nick
Eberhart talked me into it as he needed a quad solo to compete with at PASIC (Percussive Arts
Society’s International Convention). I got it done and Nick ended up winning with it! A few years later I
dusted it off, learned it & tweaked it for release into the world.

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