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Chop Builders

Welcome to Chop Builders! So yeah, “Chop Builders.” That’s a pretty indescript and open ended title isn’t it? Yup, and that’s the point. This is where you’ll find any random thing that comes to mind that I know will be of service to you & your hands. Many of them are simple hand motion exercises […]

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12 Gateway Rudiments

Rudiments are the roots of our drumming art form and are every bit as important to a drummer today as ever. They are essentially the alphabet of our drumming language – once a player has learned the alphabet he or she is armed and ready to freely express themselves with a large vocabulary. But there’s

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Extreme Hands Makeover

Ladies and Gentlemen, introducing my Extreme Hands Makeover Plan! This is my 26 step plan to rebuild hand mechanics from the ground up as quickly and effectively as possible. I’ve arrived at these steps and the most effective sequence there-of after nearly two decades of trial and error on the job with somewhere around 1000

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